Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My New Sock Yarn

I am not sure how many read this blog..I doubt to many..~smile~ but if anyone here has been praying for me..your prayers have been answered. I still have my dentist appointment for the 21st but the medicine has finally kicked in and I feel so much better..so thank you if you have been praying..

I did work on my sock yesterday not much because I had way to much cleaning to do...the house wasn't on my to do list last week. I did manage to get most of the top of the foot done..hopefully I can finish that today. The picture above is the sock yarn that I bought on Friday it was on sale so I thought I would try it...it looks a little thinner than the yarn I am using now. I am hoping to make my daughters each a pair of socks out of this yarn.....

Come and see what's new in my Etsy shop.....

Blessings to you reader,