Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Sock And 18 Inch Doll Crocheted Granny Square Blanket Yarn Along 109

First Sock And Crocheted 18 In Doll Granny Square Blanket

It is so good to be with you during this weeks yarn along. I am still working on my sock...look at all those needles. I finished my gusset which probably isn't perfect but I am still very proud of it. I sort of wish I would have just knitted a plain sock without  the knit and purl rows on top ... I am sure I would have been finish by now but the top row is taking me so long. I feel like I am actually getting the hang of the double pointed needles. I am not sure if I am ready to do a whole sock with them just yet.

I am still filling up our Etsy shop with my doll blankets. I bought some new yarn this there will be many more blankets crocheted up very soon.

Come and see what's new in my Etsy shop.....

Many Blessings to you,