Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The pictures above are all hand-made. The chair was built by my husbands great grandfather the desk was built by my great grandfather. I am not sure how old they are but I am guessing over 100 -200 years old. They were definitely built to to be around a long time.

Our family loves all things hand-made my husband just finished building his light stand..that will be for another post but I can't hardly wait to show you. My daughters are both so very creative...they are always making something for their Etsy shop..or my oldest working on her web-site. I have always enjoyed working with my hands either crocheting, knitting, embroidery, gardening,and canning.

We don't watch much t.v. we do enjoy our Net flicks our favorite show right now is Leave it to Beaver such a sweet family show....but most of our time is thinking of what the next thing to do or make. Our garden to me is another place to be creative. This weekend we started a flat of early tomatoes...and we talked about getting rid of our last apple tree, hopefully adding to our chickens and how we were going to change up the garden. My husband has been thinking of making some plant markers for our garden beds the ones you can buy are not to his liking.

I started thinking everything we think about doing is some form of creativity...and then I thought about our great grandparents were they building the desk and chair to be creative or because of a need...well it was probably a need and they were so creative they built them themselves.I don't know too many people who do this (except my husband stay close by to see his light stand) We just go and buy and bring it home...it is easier..we still do it for many things.

I want to take a closer look on how we spend our time and money...there is always something for us to work on. I just want to make sure we always make the wisest decision.

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I hope you have a blessed day reader,

Many Blessings to you!!