Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Hattie.....

I noticed as I was reading over this weekends blog posts I forgot to add a picture that I took of our beautiful Hattie...she enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. The weather was so nice not hot and not to cool..

As I sat outside yesterday on my porch swing listening to all that was going on around me...and feeling so very blessed...I began thinking about a time that we were a little restless not knowing what God was wanting us to do...there was a summer when we felt that we were being lead to move to a new home with more land. I spent a lot of my summer looking at farms near by wishing and dreaming...during that time our yard began looking very small, we only had 5 chickens..we didn't  have a barn or a pond. I felt our home was small and not roomy is amazing how God can change those thoughts.

 It took me that summer to walk around our yard and see the potential of a bigger gardens and maybe more animals...not just our  5 chickens. God really opened my eyes to how nice our home and yard was and how very blessed we were.. to be given such a responsibility of it all. I am so, so grateful that we decide not  to move and that we have mostly tamed our yard and home..yet, there is always something to do:)

 I love knowing that my husband can come home from a long day of  work and sit beside me on my porch swing and talk....not having to worry about what he should be doing next ....he can just relax... I like those times the most just sitting and dreaming beside him....thinking of the next thing we want to do in the garden, or thinking of adding a new animal or two, maybe doing something new to our home. I am not sure how many times he told me this weekend...this 1 acre is more than enough and I just smiled...thinking of the time when we wished....if we only had (?) more acres, (?) more chickens....more of this, more of that....I now know what contentment is....God gave that to me....He opened my eyes....and I am so very thankful!!

We had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend...I am looking forward to many more weekends just like this one....

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Many Blessings to you reader,